Coders Cup 2016 - The Fictional Story

Coders Cup Origins
Long ago in the distant land of Irkalla, there lived a Queen. A queen whose tales of valor were spread across the land. She wasn’t beautiful in a traditional way as described in tales. She had a kind of understated beauty, perhaps it was because she was so disarmingly unaware of her prettiness and intelligence. The Queen was much loved by the people. However, without a King, Irkalla was in constant danger of being conquered by dark forces. The Queen refused all suitors from nearby as all they wanted was the throne, none cared about the people of Irkalla. She decided that only a person who was intelligent, wise, and empathetic deserved to be king so she devised a quest to test these virtues. The winner of the Quest would have the right to ask for the Queen’s hand. As news spread, thousands of aspiring suitors pledged their name.
And so it began. People from far and wide arrived at the center of the town claiming themselves eligible. But then something unusual happened. A group of four people arrived, all eyes turned towards them. The four brothers who were considered to be the ‘Lords of Logic’ were here for the throne. Each one of them was more skilled, adroit, and dexterous than the whole crowd put together.
When this became public, all the other suitors stepped down, some unconfident, most afraid and the number of applicants whittled down to the four. The four brothers were none other than the renowned Muslim scientists who had made their way into the world of glory with their work.
Jabir Ibn Hayyan, the eldest, was a master in the practices of Alchemy, Astronomy, and Astrology.
Al-Beruni, an expert of Geology, Physics, Anthropology, and Astronomy.
Al-Khwarizmi known to be an ace of Mathematics, Geography, and Philosophy.
The youngest one was Omar Khayyam, a Mathematician, Astronomer, and Philosopher.
They possessed a magic which defied any conventional thinking and could be applied to any field. This was called "THE POWER OF LOGIC". The four brothers once lived together in peace, making new discoveries every day. But with the passage of time as the brothers grew older and their fame rose to new heights, they gained followers and soon enough the fame drifted them apart.
Each of them had their own followers devoted to their respective masters but animus to others. They started conspiracies about each other. Each group tried to take credit of the other brother's work and erased all records of the legends about him. Since then the brothers parted, and weren’t seen together until the day they named themselves for the quest.
They all had one ambition in sight: The Trophy at the end of the maze.
The brothers stood at the entrance of the maze, eyeing each other, assessing their path.
The bell in the standalone tower started ringing with a slow, sinister ring. And the brothers entered the maze. Al-Beruni quickly navigated through the hedges. As he made the fourth turn, he was suddenly engulfed by a fog which paralyzed him with fear. The fog cleared ever so slightly to reveal a magnificent phoenix airborne in front of him. The phoenix opened its beak and an eerie sound filled Al Beruni’s ears. ‘’Pass you shall not! Lest you answer!’’. Courageously, Al Beruni shouted ‘’what is your query?!’’. The phoenix replied ‘’This is a thing that is devoured by all things; bites steel, gnaws iron; grinds hard stone to meal; beats mountains down, ruins towns and slays kings Answer truly or forever stay.’’ Al Beruni nearly laughed with relief. ‘’Time’’ he said. The fog and the phoenix vanished and Al Beruni progressed.
Al Khwarizmi too soon came to an obstacle. A thick stone wall barred his way. And every time he tried to go around it, it would reappear like an infinite loop. Braving his fears, he stepped forward. On the wall was written a code, a code which Al Khwarizmi had never encountered in all of his studies. A mixture of Arabic and numbers, Al Khwarizmi observed. ‘’Rearranging is the key!’’ he said to himself. Suddenly it hit him! And the walls parted to reveal the rest of the maze.
Could the maze truly be so easy? So far Omar Khayyam had not encountered any hindrance and he believed that it was only a matter of time before he reached the destination. Turning right, he stopped dead in his tracks. There was a fully grown dragon prowling the width of the passage, its beady eyes locked onto Omar. Opening its mouth sideways, it let out a roar of fire, blue at first, but then red and warm. Shielding his eyes from the flames, Omar saw an equation floating among the embers. He had solved this before! The dragon was slowly turning the direction of the flame towards Omar. Omar shouted the answer. The dragon shut its mouth and scowled. It moved to the side and Omar scurried past it.
Jabir ibn Hayyan was getting frustrated, he kept moving forward but he didn’t seem to be getting any closer to the center. Turning right for the umpteenth time, he ran into a dead end. Stopping to catch his breath, he glanced upwards and saw that the dark clouds had parted to make way for the moon and some glittery stars. And the stars… they seemed to be forming… a constellation. Satisfied, he mapped them out in his head and started moving. As the brothers got closer to the center of the maze and the obstacles kept getting tougher they realized that all their fame and glory was irrelevant. The only thing keeping them alive were their skills and logic and they are what truly matter.
Pledge your allegiance to the brother you deem worthy of the Throne. Become one of their trusted followers and help them overcome the hurdles of the maze so that they reach the trophy and win the control of the kingdom. Help build this legacy of the Coders Cup. Help us relive the quest of the 4 brothers. Let's code!