ACM Intro Session - IBM introduces BLUE MIX

In this rapidly evolving world, technology connoisseurs are at both a disadvantage and an advantage. Technology is constantly morphing into something new, something different and that sends shivers of excitement down technology enthusiasts’ spines.
For more than six decades, IBM Middle East and Pakistan has played a vital role in shaping the information technology landscape of the region. Today, IBM is part of the region’s technological fabric, solving real-world business and societal challenges, through its offices in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Pakistan, and also a diversity of centers across the region.
On 6th October, 2016 a team from IBM Pakistan conducted an interactive session about IBM Bluemix and Watson.
The session began with the recitation of the Holy Quran, followed by a presentation by Waleed Arshad, alumnus FAST-NUCES and a team member of IBM EcoD Pakistan. The Auditorium was completely filled and everyone was listening attentively.
After the session the team met the university’s director, Professor Doctor Haseena Khatoon, along with the faculty of the university. The team discussed the value of IBM Bluemix , especially for final year students looking to convert their projects to start ups and faculty who currently researching cognition, big data and augmented reality.
After the meeting, Mr. Arshad headed a hands on session in one of the university’s labs. The students in labs registered to Bluemix and the team helped them build a native android application from scratch. The students learned to design the application UI along with binding and connecting the Cloudant Database to the application, in order to perform actions such as contacting the seller through phone call or email.
This app was built in exactly 20 minutes and everyone from the students to the lab instructors were left marvelling at the power of Bluemix. This concluded IBM’s day at FAST NUCES and we look forward to welcoming them again.