The Coder's Cup

The Coder's Cup

The Coders' cup is one of NUCES-FAST's biggest coding competition. It's a coding competition designed to polish, amplify and test your problem solving and coding skills on a competitive level. So whether you just want to flex your skills or want a chance to mentor yourself, ACM NUCES has you covered in the coder's cup.


The defenders, they're known for their mind-boggling use of lethal equipments to pave their way to the enemy territory. With their ingenious use of stuns, flashes, smokes and slows they can quickly outsmart there enemies.


The protectors who can secure regions and watch flanks,both on assault and safeguard adjusts. Joined with their mechanical ability, strategic dynamic and practical technique are all set to prevail on the enormous stage.


The attackers, they strategically place themselves in a contended ground and gradually push their foes away. With their remarkable wit, they can easily outsmart their enemies and quickly take over the battlefield.


The fierce warriors who can almost fight there way out of any calamity caused by their foes. Known for finding the perfect opening, they can easily clutch any round!

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The biggest coding battle is set to begin! Try out your skills, get your grey matter churning, test out your logic building abilities and time management skills. Get on the field and give it your all. Registrations for The Coders' Cup 2021 are live, register your self ASAP!