The ACM Student Chapter is dedicated to the promotion of computing education, research and development.We do our best to deliver the most innovative educational development resources that our members require to strengthen their skill set.


We reduce the gap between the industry and students, by organising the most innovative events.

Coder's Cup

Coders Cup is an annual speed programming competition organized by ACM NUCES Karachi.

Developer's Day

An event with one explicit goal in sight, i.e. to benefit and progress the interaction between the students of Computer Science and Technology, and the industry.

Dream Chasers

DreamChasers is an introductory session organized specially for the Freshmen. It aims at enlightening them about these various fields of Computer Science.

Geek Era

Geek Era is an annual technical training season, where students participate to get their hands dirty on the lates industrial technologies, through workshops given by the industry experts.


What makes us unique is our passionate team. WE LOVE ACM.

Omer Haqqani Chair Person

Likes to Analyse things from different perspectives. Observes trends in CS and wants to change things in Computing through playing a Vital role and Responsibility for which ACM is working. Through ACM-NUCES i always wanted to Help Student in Computer Science in Understanding what CS is.. and How ACM (we) are playing our part in CS. Like to Analyse and Manage different Situation.

Moiz Farhat Taimuri Vice Chairman

The ACM to me means my aspiration as a professional. I think participating with the ACM, and what the ACM means to me is about taking my career as a software engineer, seriously. Being in the ACM has been all about my commitment to self improvement, right.

Abdul Basit Director General

I can contribute to the success of the organization along with complete skill set that will leverage my personal growth. Motive is to serve the profession by serving the organization.

Farhan Kamal Khan Treasurer

An aspiring Computer Scientist, and an open-source evangelist. Loves to read about history, philosophy, and mathematics. Main interests include AI, ML Research. Enjoys occasional cooking.

Muhammad Sohaib Ahmed Director Research and Development

An upcoming computer scientist, passionate programmer and Game Developer. I love to teach and promote computer science. Now giving my services to ACM.

Humza Bin Javaid Director Communication

Student of Computer Science.

Alishah Mardhani Director Management

Interested in programming, books, sports and gaming.

Ahmed Abbas General Secretary

Im an aspiring software engineer.I love programming. I spend my time creating mobile apps and working on C, C++, Java, C# etc.


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