NUCES KHI ACM Student Chapter

The Association for Computing Machinery at FAST NUCES is proud to be considered a pivotal resource towards the academic and industrial success of its members and alumni.

About Us

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is an international learned society for computing. It was founded in 1947 and is the world's largest scientific and educational computing society. The ACM Student Chapter at FAST-NUCES Karachi Campus was chartered on October 05, 2010. The chapter is dedicated to the promotion of computing education, research and development.

We do our utmost to deliver the latest and most innovative educational and professional development resources that our members require to strengthen their skill sets and enrich their careers.

Our Events

Coders Cup

A renowned and illustrious event, Coders Cup is an annual Intra-University Speed Programming Competition held in the very labs of FAST-NUCES, Main Campus, Karachi. Coders Cup is a step ahead of all other programming competitions as it helps buff the conceptual programming skills of young coders who are determined to sharpen their skills.

Local Hack Day

A festivity of programming, entrepreneurship and ingenuity was displayed vibrantly at the "Local Hack Day", hosted by the well-known GitHub, and sponsored by Microsoft and MLH. This hackathon was organized on the 1st of December, marked by its global nature and 12 solid hours of serious discussion. Attendees equipped with calmness approached even the hardest of problems. In-spite of working through the hours and pressure, contestants were found amazed at the day's events and walked away with experience that would last forever.

Code Wars

As the torch bearer for all computer science enthusiasts and the axis of development and training, ACM introduced yet another range of programming competition exclusively for freshmen. Code Wars observed a booming response from enthusiastic learners eager to take classroom concepts and implement them in a competitive environment.

ACM Hackathon 2018

Hackathon 2018 is the new addition in the events of NUCES ACM KHI events, this event is going to organized in the history of FAST-NUCES Karachi Campus with an aim to bring all ACM Chapters across Karachi together. This is going to be a Inter - University Hackathon which is set to be execute on 10th of April, 2018. This is first time so we are allowing almost 40 to 45 teams consist of 3 - 5 team members each.

Developers Day

Like the past two years, we are organizing an interactive event between the officials of different IT firms and the students of our university. This event will beneficially help them to get to know the industry and how it works. They will interact with the officials and ask them different questions regarding their upcoming professional life. Similarly, those officials would exactly know about the caliber and skills of the next generation of software engineers.

  Upcoming Events & Workshops

  • Nov'19

    Coders Cup Closing Ceremony

  • Apr'20

    Developer's Day - ACM NUCES Mega Event

  • Apr'18

    Session on: Software Quality Assurance with Automation familarities

  • Apr'18

    Hands On Workshop By Prof. Dr. Rafi

  • Apr'18

    JS - Bank Hackathon'18

  • May'18

    Workshop On Introduction To Blockchain - 2 by Prof. Dr. Sufian Hameed

  Past Successful Events

  • Nov'19

    Coder's Cup Intro Session

  • Oct'19

    Introduction to Speed Programming

  • Oct'19

    Introduction to NUCES ACM 2019-2020

  • Apr'18

    Workshop On Introduction To Blockchain by Prof. Dr. Sufian Hameed

  • Apr'18

    MParsec Blockchain Hackathon 2018

  • Mar'18

    Workshop: Computer Networking CCNA

  • Mar'18

    Seminar On Certified Information Systems Auditor

  • Feb'18

    Workshop: Intro To JSpring By Jazib Ul Hassan

  • Feb'18

    Workshop on Basics Of Computer Networks

  • Feb'18

    ACM - NUCES: Google Developer's Group Workshop

  • Feb'18

    Workshop On Python Part - 02

  • Feb'18

    ACM-NUCES & Webmaster Collabrative Workshop

  • Feb'18

    Workshop: Intro To Python Part - 01

  • Nov'17

    DB Query Sessions By Dr. Rafi

Our Programs

Following are the Divisional Activities we performed through our specialized departments


Specially selected students conduct workshops and sessions on the latest development tools and languages which are not part of the curriculum but are very much in demand and needed in order to get swift progressing tech world. Moreover, these mentors aim on discussing and explaining computer science topics which are difficult to understand. Example: logic-I and logic-2 (for freshmen), Machine learning (for juniors and seniors)


The primary goal is to deploy a working, live project that can in any way facilitate FASTians. ACM plans to make a team of 3-5 mentors along with a leader. This team will work throughout the year and in the end deploy their project which will benefit all FASTians in numerous ways.


ACM believes that the best way for a student to test their abilities is by competing hands-on in competitions. ACM’s training team, will develop a culture where students are prepared for participating in different competitions whether it be inside the university or outside. We aim on training teams for Speed Programming, Database Design and Web Development so far. The process consists of weekly quizzes, along with connecting teams with experienced seniors who have represented FAST in previous competitions.


ACM stands out for being unique and fascinating, dabbling itself in technologies of the modern-racing-day, AIMCL, or Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Club, is a proud flag bearer for all things related to the world of Automata and the growing industry of CS. AIMLC makes it presence known by organizing seminars and workshops by Inter and Intra University guests, working on joint projects and engaging in reading activities. It hopes that one day, it can help individuals become pioneers in the field.

Our Team

Our people are our greatest asset and biggest differentiator.
They also believe in having a lot of fun along the way.
Muhammad Bilal
Director Mentorship Programs
Puran Lakhani
General Secretary
Abdul Aziz Akmal
Hamza Khan
Vice Chair
Director Event Planning & Treasury
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